Why choose Robinson Diversity Consulting (RDC)? Because as a retired Judge, I understand how important it is to resolve conflict and disputes, and to strive for equitable solutions. Justice, fairness and equity. These are not just words here at RDC, but core values. This is place that strives to achieve the goals animated by those values by helping litigants and prospective litigants to resolve their disputes informally and outside of court and by addressing workplace diversity, equity and inclusion concerns – particularly in law firms, legal organizations and associations and smaller nonprofits

To some, these dual ventures may seem unrelated. At RDC, they are intertwined, because at heart, they both seek justice, fairness and equity using collaborative, cooperative and non-adversarial techniques.

Applying acquired understanding of cross-cultural and culture conscious dynamics, RDC offers help in navigating the challenges and leveraging the opportunities in the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) arena.  

Similarly, as a member of the Connecticut community of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professionals, RDC provides a variety of ADR services.

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Robinson Diversity Consulting

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