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Diversity Practice

How do you decide what your genuine D&I goals are?

How do you develop an achievable D&I plan?

How do you choose the best consultant(s) for your organization?

How do you decide when to call in outside help?

How do you integrate D&I in your organization?

How do you express your D&I values outside your organization?

“Asking the right questions is the first step”

RDC can help you formulate and answer the important D&I questions. 

Working primarily with law firms, legal organizations and associations, Robinson has been a longtime proponent and advocate of D&I. As a D&I advocate and professional, she developed, implemented and led D&I related initiatives, events and activities both as a Chief Diversity Officer and as an outside consultant.

During her time in the field, she identified one of the main impediments was a lack of information and lack of expertise. Smaller and mid-sized firms and organizations often rely on already over-extended employees, rather than bring in outside help.

Here at RDC, Robinson marshals and mobilizes the necessary time, energy and resources to bridge the gap between an organization’s aspirations and its D&I goals.  

Among the professional services my practice offers are:

  • Evaluations/ Assessments/ Audits
  • Diversity Search/ Retention
  • Investigations
  • Coaching: Individual and Group
  • Strategic and D&I Plan Development
  • Support for Diversity Committees

  • D&I Education/ Workshops/ Clinics
  • D&I Initiatives and Programs, such as Lawyers of Color Ally Program, Safe Space Conversations Series, and Thinking/ Living Diversity

As a retired judge, and a former practicing attorney, I am able to assist you as a complement to or in lieu of full-time D&I officers or professionals.  

Rates for the various services are available upon request.